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This herbal cleanse & tonic is loaded with powerful plant compounds that naturally trigger your body's detoxification process. our formula harnesses the active properties of herbs to provide a profound cleansing experience.We use bitter plants that not only cleanse the body and activate internal organs, but also stimulates regeneration on the inside and out of the body. Experience the transformative sensation of your body undergoing a healing and revitalizing journey with our Cleanse & Tonic!

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  • -Used for energy and fighting fatigue
  • -Anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and helps fight off infections
  • -Clears mucus from respiratory airways
  • -Addresses flus, colds, constipation, indigestion, depression, and stomach aches
  • -Improves liver and gallbladder function and supports the removal of harmful toxins from the body

  • -Settles the stomach and helps relieves constipation
  • -Supports mental clarity and helps reduce stress and anxiety
  • -Used to cleanse internal organs and address uterine congestion
  • -Purifies the blood, improves blood circulation, and regulates blood sugar levels
  • -Strengthens immune T-cell response
  • -Supports the kidneys and purifies the blood
  • -Acts as and anti-carcinogen defending the body against cancer
  • -Used to heal the skin and address inflamed skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis
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Introducing Ancient Artery, The Holistic Lifestyle Specialist.

In today’s climate it’s more pressing than ever to prioritize our health. Sadly, fast paced living has reduced our self care to a single day, but on the brighter side, there are ways we can go from practicing impactful self care on just one day out of the month or week to everyday you’re chosen to experience. Ancient artery was created to expose you to means of self care that are accessible and beyond relaxing, but actually healing too. There’s so much information surrounding health and wellness that’s available at our fingertips, but knowledge can be more overwhelming than helpful when you don’t know how to apply it. Allow me to guide you in decluttering what you may or may not know thus far about wellness and show you how to practice it in your everyday routine to promote balance and healing in your life.

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"This cleanse is THE TRUTH! I’d been having stomach issues for a while and i decided to take this cleanse and IT GOT RID OF EVERYTHING. But what I love about it the most, is that my stomach hasn’t been hurting ever since. I feel lighter and I have more energy. I also loved the food recommendations to help you as you make this transition! I feel good and I look good! I’ll definitely be purchasing it again! I’m thinking of doing this every 6 months! I would recommend this herbal cleanse to anyone who’s ready to take care of their body FOR REAL!"

Cassie, Self-Care Coach

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I had constant problems with constipation/ stomach issues and doctors they put me on laxatives everyday which ended up hurting me even more. When I came across Ancient Artery’s page I was willing to try anything! I got my detox and it absolutely changed my life. I absolutely love how I’m more in tuned with my body to where I know when it’s telling me I need to detox!

Elyssa, childcare provider

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"Shem is an amazing facilitator of health transformation. I’ve had skin problems for the last 10 yrs, that went away in 3 weeks of her guidance. Forever grateful and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to take their health to the next level"

Kusudi, Mindset Coach

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Ancient Artery has completely upgraded my wellness routine. I take this cleanse every 3 months, and it is the BEST cleanse out there. It has helped me tremendously with IBS symptoms and my energy levels. I always feel so much lighter afterwards, physically, mentally, and energetically! Ancient Artery herself is one of the sweetest. She really cares about her customers and is so passionate about what she does. I will never stop recommending this cleanse!

Kealey, virtual assistant

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"This cleanse will REALLY clean all that SH** out of you. Like I seriously was looking in my toilet like, "Where was this when I was a teenager or early 20s." I was amazed and can't wait to do again. Honestly, doing this held me accountable (though I eat crazy healthy) especially for my cheat snacks/meal."

Preona, Teacher

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