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The Blooming Genesis


How it started

In May of 2020, amid the global pandemic, the brand, Ancient Artery, was born when the pressing necessity for uncomplicated health and wellness information arose and health care became inaccessible.

Ancient Artery was originally created to be a visual blog, intended to empower individuals to holistically tend to their well-being—and that of their loved ones—within the confines of their homes.

As a business, Ancient Artery serves as an invaluable space for those seeking to embrace a health-conscious lifestyle, offering a diverse array of holistic health information and natural wellness products encompassing plant-based formulas, digital ebooks, and personalized one-on-one guidance.

Our founder, Shemayah Clemons made a bold decision to reclaim her health after years of neglect and careless living. It was in her own journey of restoring her health that she grew passionate about helping others do the same by inspiring them to start detoxing.

Her health drastically improved and transformed within a matter of weeks by simply detoxing her body with herbs and modernizing her diet to realistically reflect both her health concerns and environment.

As she discovered and experienced the healing benefits in addressing health issues from a holistic standpoint, she devoted her studies to holistic health and the human body.

Shemayah now holds certifications in Holistic and Integrative Health, specializing in plant-based nutrition, detoxification, mindfulness, and other areas. Her expertise extends to certifications in Yoni Steaming, Herbalism, with extensive studies/research in human biology and intracellular healing.

She emphasizes the concept of wellness starting from within to her growing community of supporters, clients, customers, and loved ones—pouring all her wisdom into the product and services she offers through Ancient Artery.

What We Stand For

Empowering Self-Healing Journeys

Guiding individuals to tap into their body's innate healing abilities.

Holistic Education and Awareness

Fostering a community that understands and embraces the principles of holistic wellness.

Sustainable Well-Being Practices

Promoting long-term health through natural, sustainable approaches and detoxification.

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